The Tuesday after the first Monday in November every four years. That is the day when US citizens decide who is going to rule their country from the White House.

Last Tuesday President Barack Obama was elected for a second four-year term, after national conventions, caucuses, primaries, debates, rallies,… If you want to know more about these words and how the US election works, you can click on the links you will find in this post.
This one will take you to a page on the BBC site where you can learn about the whole process, sometimes described as “the hardest job interview”.

Click on the image above for a visual summary of the long journey to the White House.

You can learn and practise some specific vocabulary here and here. And here is a long list of exercises and acitivities related to the elections (for those of you with more time to spare).

Modal verbs can really make a difference; visit this blog and read an interesting commentary about a cartoon published a few weeks ago in the American press.

And, finally, if you do not have much time, here is a short presentation on this topic by no other than Forrest Gump; we hope it is helpful.

Come back to the English Department blog regulary and check for updated links and news items.

And congratularions, Mr Obama.


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